Meet the Maker

May 20, 2015

I have always found great joy in finding the perfect gift for family and friends. Whilst studying performing arts at college and working as an extra for T.V. I felt like I needed something a little more permanent and down to earth!

Scottie and Russell was born with the intention of it being a “side line” as presenting was my dream. As time went on and S&R got busier I realised this was all I wanted to do. I loved buying at trade shows, meeting new people and having fun with an online shop. Our first online shop was one I built myself with the help from a good friend.

It worked well and after a year or so I decided I needed something more interactive and enjoyable to use so I called upon a couple of amazing designers and now I am so proud to introduce Scottie and Russell’s new home! I loved the design process as I got to have lots of involvement and I feel like my vision has been really understood. Every idea was noted and evolved.

You can shop, browse through pictures, blogs and get inspired by all things S&R! I really love it as it feels really personal and I think there is something for everyone. My favourite section of the website is the Journal, I was so determined to have a space on the site that reflected “the day in the life”. Its amazing to have a section where customers can see the movement of the brand and we hope it will keep expanding! Not to mention a glimpse at all the beautiful stockists that are supplying our stunning new range of candles.

We hope you enjoy our new website and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Much love

Lucy and the dogs x