Raspberry Kiss

Jul 13, 2015

Blogger Shannon Wilson has reviewed our luxury Serenity Candle, heres what she had to say...

Not long ago I was sent the Scottie and Russell Serenity Highly Fragranced Candle. If you haven’t heard of Scottie and Russell, it is a company that was established back in 2012 by a lady called Lucy Bee. After visiting small county shows and St Tropez markets Lucy was inspired to create her own range of fragranced candles, baby gifts and accessories. Since its launch Scottie and Russell has been featured in Glamour magazine and has an ever increasing select list of stockists throughout the United Kingdom. Now this candle contains 30cl of wax (approximately 10oz) and it comes in a simple yet elegant and classy white glass jar. The candle retails at £25.00 and is available to purchase on the Scottie and Russell website. In terms of the scent the Serenity fragrance is a sweet vanilla fragrance that is enhanced with a blend of orange blossom, citrusy and rich geranium. The candle isn’t as citrus like or fruity as I’d imagined it would be. Instead it is a very delicate, calming scent and it almost has a slight baby powder aroma to it. I personally like to burn this candle on an evening as it has a really relaxing vibe about it. In terms of the quality of the wax, I find the candle burns evenly and it the scent throw is pretty good too. It isn’t super strong, nor does it fill an entire room but when near to the candle you can certainly detect it. Although I do love a candle with a good strong scent throw, sometimes you don’t want something overwhelming or powerful, sometimes you want something a little more toned down and this is perfect in that situation. For the burn time I find the candle to be a slow burner. Scottie and Russell claim that this candle burns for 40 hours. I’ve been burning this candle for the past week and it still isn’t done. I’d say that there was about a fifth left so it sadly won’t be long until it is all done. Basically, I like this candle however, I think £25.00 is a little pricey so I’m not sure if I could justify buying it for myself however, I think this would be a great gift for say a birthday, baby shower, Christmas or even as a well done or congratulations present.

Have you heard of Scottie and Russell? Have you tried the Serenity Highly Fragranced Candle?

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