Toby & Dibs

May 19, 2015

6 years ago Lucy’s brother bought a cute little Scottie Dog (that's me) Toby. I was a wild puppy that would chase you around the house and always be lurking in the shadows ready to jump out. Everyone fell in love with me and I soon became a well loved member of the family.

Desperate for a dog, a few months later Lucy got given Dibs as a present. I was apprehensive at first but it wasn’t long until she was my partner in crime and best pal. I taught her how to hunt in the garden and she taught me how to chill by the fire and watch “Hotel for Dogs”.

We are the biggest characters in the family so it was only natural for us to nuzzle in on the business and we love being involved.
We hope you enjoy our new website…

Much Love

Toby & Dibs x